Personality Enhancement Cell (PEC)

Personality Enhancement Cell (PEC)

It has always been felt that during the placement season, many students face problems in Group Discussions (GDs) that are an essential part of the placement process. Also, many students are unable to perform in the GDs because they have been out of touch with GDs for a long time and/or they have not been following the news regularly.

Personality Enhancement Cell (PEC) at MAISM is a student-driven committee that organises GDs for the students. All the students (1st year and 2nd year) are required to participate in the GDs . Immediately after the GDs, the participants are given feedback by the committee members. GD topic is based on current affairs or on GK, the committee members also make compact PowerPoint presentations for the same and circulate it to the entire batch.

Additionally, PEC also organises weekly Newsroom Sessions, which are informal news-sharing and discussion platform for the students of MAISM. Any student who wants to join the discussion on the pre-announced date and time can do so and add to his/her learning as well as the learning of all the other students. Team acts as a facilitator to provide a platform to all the students to discuss latest issues in business, politics, economy, world affairs, etc. and helps them develop a viewpoint on every topic through discussion and debate.

Through these activities, MAISM has initiated its efforts to groom the students better for the placement season. The PEC plans to conduct motivational seminars, placement-related workshops and other activities in the future.